Devika is proud to be assisting in an end-to-end innovation programme for AR and VR ran by Village Roadshow and Collective Campus along with Microsoft. This new venture called the Xperience Accelerator will support entrepreneurs and startups through a 13-week accelerator providing them with tools to help them succeed.

It’s awesome to see these exciting companies supporting both startups and mixed reality in the one project.

Village Roadshow is an Australian company based in Melbourne and encompasses a wide range of businesses under their umbrella including theme parks, film and DVD distribution, cinema exhibition, film production, and marketing. They are well known for the Matrix trilogy and your favourite theme parks on the Gold Coast.

Collective Campus is an exciting innovation hub from the Asian Pacific which is also involved in education and consultancy. Founded in 2014, Collective Campus helps companies change the way they think about methods and tools in the world of new business and innovation. The company has helped businesses such as Sportsbet, Telstra, and ASIC, to name a few.

Microsoft is associated with the programme to foster the ecosystem of mixed reality. Being the leading platform for productivity, Microsoft are looking for new ways to identify, support and partner with innovative companies in emerging technology.

This programme will help the participants to find a product-market fit on a limited runway. They will merge the agility of startups and innovative business models with the domain expertise, reach and brand provided by established corporates. The goal is to make 12 months’ worth of progress in 12 weeks.

The programme is looking for passionate teams who seek to solve customer problems with the potential for lasting value. The participants need to be working with AR or VR and have these skills in emerging technology within an area of entertainment, travel or tourism. The goal is for these companies is to use out-of-the-box thinking to introduce a product to market within three months and gain traction.

To achieve this, the startups will get access to over $400,000 worth of support as part of the programme. Along with this support, Devika will be providing $3,000 worth of development credits towards VR and AR. It is important for us to give back to the technology community and contribute to the mixed reality ecosystem. We think that contributing to the programme is a cool way to do that.

If you have an exciting idea you should apply to the accelerator today; here.