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We collaborate with experts in their field, as well as leading technology organisations to facilitate transformations in industries such as enterprise, education, government and entertainment. Our work is complemented by our learning program, which is dedicated to moving students from content consumers to content creators.


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Using VR to deliver Experiential Learning

Regulating Anxiety with VR

Introduction to Augmented Reality

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We’re passionate about using technology to positively affect people, the planet and to keep pushing our boundaries.
Inspired by the original thinkers, pioneers, and innovators who led the way before us, we too journey the path less travelled.
We hope to not only be part of continuous improvement but aim to inspire the next generation to continue building meaningful contributions.

Devika Four P's

  • Website Development Goes Swimmingly for Innovative PoolBox

    We’ve always been told that water and electronics should never mix, but in this case, they are the perfect pair. We would like to introduce you to PoolBox, an Australian pool care company, who have collaborated with us to build their very own e-commerce website! The intention behind this decision was to improve internal functionality and provide a more accessible online platform for customers to find product solutions, facilitated through website development. Unsurprisingly, internet access has skyrocketed over the past decade, with 95.4% of businesses now with internet access. Contrastingly, and rather surprisingly, only 51.1% of Australian businesses have a web presence, meaning that 48.9% are still in the bricks and mortar phase (ABS).  It seems that braving the digital…

  • Should I Outsource Software Developers or Give it a Crack Myself?

    Should I tackle a software project myself by building a team, find a technical co-founder or partner with a technology agency instead? It’s a great question and to be honest, there is no one wrong or right answer. It really depends on your situation, experience, team, resources, focus, and time. Maybe the solution is actually to use a bit of both. We’ll give some specific examples and discuss the pros and cons to help you figure out the best solution for you. Devika’s Two Cents on Outsourcing Here at Devika, we combine all the skills of a technology agency with the alignment of a technical co-founder. While partnered with us, you use us as your technology department and are in…

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