Alexander “The Great” Volkanovski

UFC Featherweight Champion Alexander “The Great” Volkanovski has become a Devika partner to merge the Volkanovski name into the digital world. With a vision to create an ecommerce website for supporters to keep up-to-date with fights and events, we jumped on board as the tech advisory and support.

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Volkanovski website

Let’s Talk Tech

Taking the lead on this project was software developer Noah who designed the Shopify website from scratch over two weeks. This included using the Shopify theme editor to create a design that fitted Volkanovski’s brand and style.

“The shopify theme editor made editing easy. His simple design gave us a lot of freedom to make something cool for him. It was also pretty exciting to meet the man in person" - Devika software developer, Noah.

The Volkanovski team meets Devika

While we’ve included a snippet of the website here, the full website it live here