As you have probably experienced, pursuing a career that you are passionate about is often accompanied by highs and lows. We all have successful days where we leave work, content and satisfied with what we’ve achieved. Other days, however, drag and looking away from the time, which seems to be unmoving, is an hourly challenge.

Sally Fitzgibbons, a fierce competitor and our brand ambassador, recognized that during the highs and lows in her career, the community has always been behind her. Whether that be, “The fans on the beach,” or her, “Family back home in Gerroa watching live at 2 am,” Sally admits that they are, “Part of the reason [she’s] still competing today.”

Sally Fitzgibbons Foundation

Stemming from her recognition of the importance of the community, Sally developed the Sally Fitzgibbons Foundation with an objective to, “Connect many, inspire more, energize all to live active, healthy lifestyles while caring for the environment”. She has a particular focus, which resonates with ours and was discussed in our prior blog, which is to support and educate the next generation so that they can have a better future. This includes teaching youngsters about the importance of exercise, nutrition and environmental sustainability. Education surrounding health is of pressing importance as, “One in four kids in Australia are already overweight or obese,” and “Obesity is now a bigger killer than smoking”.

We love Sally’s positivity as she explains that, “Disease can be prevented and the environment can be cleaned, protected and preserved.” Not only does she speak with conviction but she is actively tackling this issue with, "Fun, inclusive education and exercise programs connected with the environment”.

Sally Fitzgibbons Foundation and Devika

We share many values with Sally, including our appreciation and respect for the planet, people and pushing boundaries (which probably reveals to you why our partnership has developed). Through this collaboration and our Cares program, we developed the Sally Fitzgibbons Foundation website. In doing so, individuals can purchase Sally’s health and nutrition book, Summer Fit All Year Round, register to become a partner, check out upcoming events, read about what it means to live a healthy lifestyle and see how small changes within your life small can better the planet.

Devika Cares

Similarly to Sally, our Devika Cares initiative has been developed to support the local community. We are able to do this by reducing the financial cost of initiatives which aim to combat a range of problems within categories such as; education, environmental sustainability and health. The Sally Fitzgibbons Foundation has been a great cause that we have been able to get behind through our Cares program. It has provided us with the opportunity to indirectly support the community alongside Sally, by playing off our respective strengths. This includes our technological capabilities and Sally’s knowledge of health, fitness and the environment.

Congratulations, Sally

While Sally has experienced many challenging times in her surfing career, she has been able to celebrate a recent win, having struck gold at the International Surfing Association World Surfing Games (ISA) 2018. It is difficult to not be inspired by Sally as she evidently pushes the boundaries in her surfing career and being a compassionate individual, is also giving back to the community through her Foundation.

It’s wonderful to see this initiative come to life and we're thankful for the opportunity to be involved. Keep pushing the boundaries, Sally, we’re loving your work!