Here at Devika, we are passionate about pursuing initiatives which incorporate emerging technology and contribute to the betterment of individuals lives, our community and wider society. We believe that in order to achieve this positive outcome, we must constantly challenge ourselves and push our boundaries. In the spirit of this, we recently launched our new initiative, Evenness. This overarching term collectively describes our projects which focus on creating a balance...An equilibrium so to speak. Our latest project, categorized under Evenness, is the Evenness Sensory Space. It is an experience which utilizes virtual reality (VR) technology to stimulate and regulate the user’s senses in a sensory room.

What is a Sensory Room?

A sensory room is a space which has been designed to assist the individual's development and engagement of their sensors. To achieve this, the individual is exposed to a range of stimuli which engages senses such as sight, sound, smell, touch and movement. This stimulus often includes light, color, sound, soft play objects and other feedback mechanisms.

Participants often utilize sensory rooms to manage or overcome challenges such as learning difficulties, developmental disabilities or sensory impairments. The sensory room assists by creating a safe and controlled environment where the user can explore and interact with stimulus at their own leisure. The space caters to individuals with diverse characteristics who need stimulating or calming environments. Both of these extremes can be experienced in the same room through specific objects which have varying degrees of intensity. For example, fluorescent lights and lava lamps respectively create these differing atmospheres. By incorporating objects with varying degrees of intensity, users can actively address and work to develop skills which are specific to their needs and situation.

An additional benefit of a sensory room is that third parties, such as teachers, therapists and carers, are able to observe the experience. This provides them with a deeper insight into the specific environmental factors which calms and rouses the user.

The Transition from Offline Environments to VR Sensory Rooms

Traditionally, sensory rooms have been experienced within a physical space. However, VR has brought with it new methods and procedures which are more efficient and effective. These new capabilities include increased user accessibility and highly personalized environments. This realization led to our development of the Evenness Sensory Space.

The Evenness Sensory Space is a multi-sensory room which encourages the user to explore multiple senses in VR. The senses which our VR experience has incorporated includes sight, touch, and sound. The stimulus they respectively produce includes bright colors, haptic feedback, and music. Depending on the individual's needs, the VR experience will either be entirely calming or stimulating (this is opposed to physical sensory rooms where only aspects within the room cater to each extreme). To create an optimal atmosphere, the stimulus is adjusted according to intensity, on a scale of 0-100%, and is set on a programmed computer. This ensures that every individual has a personalized and immersive experience with the added benefit of not physically adjusting elements in the real world.

Some of the key advantages of the Evenness Sensory Room include:

  • Safe and User Controlled Environment
  • Virtual Reality Eliminates Undesired External Stimulus
  • Fostering Self-Awareness
  • Engaging Millennials
  • Designed, Incorporating Gamification
  • Assisting Gross Motor Skills
  • Independent Activity

If you would like to know more about the Evenness Sensory Space, contact us here.