A big congratulations goes out to the team at Devika who won the “Best Showcase (non-gaming)” for the Kolb Antarctica Experience at the Unity Unite Sydney 2019 annual event!

Unity Unite Sydney 2019

Unite Sydney 2019 is a two-day event of training, presentations and workshops which has been designed to help tech novices and fanatics, “unlock the full creative potential of the Unity platform”.  

Devika at Unite

The Devika team attended to showcase our own product, Kolb, an educational virtual reality experience which supports experiential learning and was built with Unity technologies.  

We had the pleasure of meeting an array of individuals who are all doing unique and extraordinary things with tech. In a world where emerging technology is often approached with caution, it was wonderful to attend an event which thrives off of innovation and creativity. We were encouraged by the enthusiasm and drive of the attendants to continue pushing the boundaries in this field and improve immersive learning experiences for students

Bradd Grimson, Byron Papanikolaou and Ken Kencevski (left to right) at Unite Sydney 2019

Thank you

We would like to thank Unity for giving us the opportunity to showcase Kolb. We hope that through this achievement, others might be encouraged to embrace this technology and provide even more students with immersive learning experiences which equip them with skills and knowledge for the future.

A second thanks goes out to Ken for pursuing his vision to support the next generation with experiential learning and to the development team for their attention to detail throughout

the build and exceptional work ethic.

Kolb Antarctica Experience awarded best showcase at Unity Unite Sydney 2019

To learn more about Kolb click here or to get in touch with the team to develop your own tech experience click here.