Devika is always looking to collaborate with like-minded individuals who are eager to use innovative technologies to create more effective solutions and provide more efficient products to customers in sustainable ways. For us, being progressive doesn’t just mean using new technology but implementing it in considerate ways which better the planet, people, prosperity and pushing boundaries. While we have the tools and software specialists, our partners have the ideas and determination to implement this technology in creative and purposeful ways. We assisted QLTY Property (QLTY) develop their brand and facilitated their web journey and are now looking to collaborate with the PropTech space in our up and coming projects.


QLTY is a client and now a collaboration partner who reflects this like-minded attitude and determination to create quality solutions which consider sustainability alongside innovation.

If you couldn’t guess by the name, QLTY is all about delivering quality, specifically in the property development industry. Their mission is to, “give back to our communities through innovation, sustainable design, craftsmanship and build quality”. They believe that to produce a quality home you have to go, “that extra mile,” which they are achieving across Sydney, Wollongong, and Brisbane.

Devika and QLTY

QLTY collaborated with our Devika team to build an online presence and transform their, “vision of quality,” into an accessible platform where consumers can read about the company, current offerings, and completed projects.

As stated by QLTY founder Milos Bolic, the customer has been of key importance and technology has helped achieve this,

“After our first planning session, Ken highlighted and identified the value of business branding, focusing more on engagement with customer journey.”

QLTY and Devika Develop Logo

Branding is a visual representation of all that QLTY stands for, enabling consistency and familiarity across the website and business which consumers can easily identify,

“The branding became an intrinsic part of the project which enabled the various elements and aspects of the business to be integrated into one all-encompassing symbol. The website demonstrated the character and values of the business and the branding helped promote who we were and the business’ identity.” QLTY founder, Milos Bolic.

Technical Details

Key tips from Devika when developing a website;

1. Register your domain to ensure customers can easily find you

Keeping it short and concise is always the best policy, eg Other details to consider include the country-code top-level domain, “au” which means that it’s registered as an Australian business.

2. Spend time on your branding

Designing a logo should be a well thought out and detailed process because it is the key visual stimuli that customers will identify with your brand. Don’t be afraid to have fun with this process and brainstorm a few alternatives before settling on one. Even ask a few people what they associate with your chosen design, whether that be creativity, fun or quality!

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