What is Your Voice Your Choice?

Devika attended the Your Voice Your Choice (YVYC) 2019 Conference which is an event designed to empower people with a disability, parents, carers and bring together service providers who are working in the industry. This year it was hosted right here in Wollongong thanks to The Disability Trust.

The Road to Inclusivity

Australian Paralympian and media personality Dylan Alcott OAM, an advocate for supporting people with a disability, spoke on the theme of choice and control at YVYC2019. He was an inspiration to listen to and is making waves by challenging the way people think and speak about disabilities.

Devika members Bradd Grimson and Bek Kencevski showcasing Evenness

Immersing YVYC in Evenness

Devika was invited to the event to showcase our in-house product Evenness which is a virtual reality sensory space designed to support people to regulate anxiety. In collaboration with the Disability Trust we hope to make Evenness accessible Australia-wide.

Devika’s CEO and Founder Ken Kencevski spoke at the event and shared how virtual reality could be a game-changer for the way people learn and develop sensory skills. Part of the reason Ken envisioned a virtual reality space is because the experience can be tailored to meet the individual's needs by adjusting the settings through a computer system.

Ken Kencevski presenting Evenness

Sensory Overload

Sensory overload occurs when there’s too much sensory input for the brain to process and can be a very distressing and exhausting experience for the individual.

Sensory rooms provide people with a safe place where senses can be stimulated to support individuals process sensory input without experiencing sensory overload. As Evenness is experienced in virtual reality, sensory input can be adjusted for the individual to provide a personalised learning environment.

Ken Kencevski, Associate Professor Robert Gorkin and Bek Kencevski (left to right)


It was humbling to hear from each speaker who shared the challenges and reality of living with a disability and the importance of self advocacy. It was wonderful to see the community gather and support one another as they make strides towards inclusivity.

Read more about our collaboration with The Disability Trust and Evenness here.