ArkiCity Leading the Revolution in City Planning

Arkicity is an application that allows local residents to transform their cities into liveable spaces through collaborative thinking and creativity.

ArkiCity is coming to life thanks to arki_lab Designing Cities With People and their collaboration with the SMART Infrastructure Facility, UDIA NSW who are providing financial support and our team at Devika providing technical assistance.

How It Works

Users of the app take pictures using their personal devices and create collages of what they envision their perfect cityscape to be. They can then share their vision with their local community via the app, making it an inclusive and interactive experience which thrives off of local knowledge and creativity.

Taking a bottom-up approach, users of the app and people within the community have a say in the design and infrastructure accessible to them. Creating open communication between decision-makers and local residents enables practical spaces to be developed which meet the needs of local residents.

Devika Providing Technical Support

As the technical support behind this design, our team used React Native and Apple AR Kit to build the app and embed augmented reality into the design. This technology enables users to create a design on their phone and project their vision onto a chosen landscape in augmented reality.

In doing so users experience their imagined living spaces with their proposed ideas included to get a feel for how to best use the area. Users can then alter their design to optimise the space and facilitates.

Testing the App

It’s been great to see the community jump on board to test the app. Namely Wollongong City Council, Liverpool City Council and City of Canterbury Bankstown.

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