Website Development Goes Swimmingly for Innovative PoolBox

Website Development Goes Swimmingly for Innovative PoolBox

Posted on January 30, 2019

We’ve always been told that water and electronics should never mix, but in this case, they are the perfect pair. We would like to introduce you to PoolBox, an Australian pool care company, who have collaborated with us to build their very own e-commerce website! The intention behind this decision was to improve internal functionality and provide a more accessible online platform for customers to find product solutions, facilitated through website development.

Unsurprisingly, internet access has skyrocketed over the past decade, with 95.4% of businesses now with internet access. Contrastingly, and rather surprisingly, only 51.1% of Australian businesses have a web presence, meaning that 48.9% are still in the bricks and mortar phase (ABS).  It seems that braving the digital world is still a challenge for many businesses, which PoolBox has decided to tackle head-on.  

Launching Online with Website Development by Devika

Yes! We develop websites and we had the opportunity to do so for PoolBox. We used our internal capabilities to meet their specific needs, including price, design, navigation, capabilities, and features. Through our recent partnership with Shopify, we were able to build the website with e-commerce capabilities, which enables consumers to buy products directly from the site. We’re fortunate to have a talented team who can perform front-end and back-end development, design and an array of other needed roles. This means that the website development stays within the team at Devika, making the process as seamless as possible.

What’s in the Box?

PoolBox offers quality pool care and delivers tailored care packages to your door as required. Customers are saying goodbye to testing their pool water at the local pool shop and DIY chemical concoctions while saying hello to affordable, tailored products.

It’s proven popular and has had users asking, “Where has this been?! The first product on the market that delivers pool care direct to your door, every month!” - John S, Castle Hill.

We hope that PoolBox’s boldness to launch online makes it easier for customers to find their ingenious product so that they can enjoy their pool as much as John has.   

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