Devika and Dell EduTech Collaboration

Devika and Dell EduTech Collaboration

Posted on June 15, 2018

We partnered with Dell for EduTECH Australia Conference, where our goal was to encourage the implementation of experiential learning in the education system, specifically through emerging technology. Our presence at the event entailed running a co-hosted booth with Dell where we presented our product, Kolb; an experience which transports you to Antarctica, accessible through the Dell Mixed Reality Visor.  


EduTECH is an annual event where the education and training sector gather to learn, debate, exchange ideas and be inspired by thought leaders in the education sector. It’s the only event in the country that brings together individuals from schools, tertiary education, VET and workplace learning. This was one of the reasons why it was so exciting to bring Kolb to the event. Kolb has already been downloaded tens of thousands of times and we are excited that emerging technology that we have developed may be contributing to students education through experiential learning.


If you have read our others blogs, you may have noticed our affinity for the Dell Visor when it comes to presenting mixed reality. You can probably image our eagerness when the opportunity to use this hardware for EduTECH Australia was presented to us. Using this technology enabled us to present Kolb during the workshops and provide others with an insight to the applicability of emerging technology.  

During the event, participants tried our Antarctica scenario, using the Dell Visor which enabled them to experience life as an Antarctic scientist. Virtual guides gave informative descriptions about the local wildlife and geography, while they simultaneously assisted with surveys and experiments. After the experience, Dell and our team were available to answer questions about Kolb, emerging technology and the educational opportunities currently available to their students.

It was an incredible privilege to partner with Dell and we believe it is a reflection of the hard work our team has done in regard to supporting the education system in Australia. We have great respect for Dell as we see them using their technology and resources to support both the education sector and experiential learning. With the support of partners like Dell, we seek to continue to provide students with educational software like the Antarctica experience.

We have recently been accepted by the Department of Education, meaning that we can continue to partner with established companies, like Dell and have the potential to open more doors for experiential learning at educational events like EduTECH, globally. 

If you have any questions about Kolb visit our page, or feel free to contact us.