Start-Scale Up

Supporting Technology-Focused Founders




We focus on identifying and working with exceptional founders who are leading high-growth businesses. Through a partnership between our company and yours, we offer support to individuals, teams and businesses. We provide our partner's with a professional information memorandum which helps to conceptualise a strategy and is developed from an ecosystem of strategic investors, commercialisation partners, technology advisors and pre-vetted startup-savvy helpers. This is to ensure that we are informed about how to tackle challenges that arise and most efficiently meet your overall business needs.



We tailor our professional services to our startups who are looking to scale by matching their needs with our most experienced technology experts. In the second stage of this process, we provide investors with access to information and investment opportunities to co-invest with our Ventures. We leverage many of our shareholder relationships during this stage on your behalf to provide you with the most effective outcomes. Currently we only allow sophisticated investors, such as High Net Worth Individuals and Family Offices, to have access to our portfolio and opportunities.

The next step

While our company is still in its first few years of existence, we have a reputation for creating successful solutions for businesses in the corporate sector. Businesses we have partnered with have flourished alongside their use of our emerging technology. This has added value to the customer experience, the company’s internal functionality and the business’s continual growth.



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