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Our vision at Devika Ventures is to commercialise the startups of passionate entrepreneurs and grow them into successful, scaleable and enduring businesses. We are committed to the development of the Australian Startup Ecosystem and genuinely wish to see it grow and flourish through the inclusion of more startups. We collaborate with experts in their field, as well as leading technology organisations to facilitate transformations in industries such as enterprise, education, government and entertainment.



STRATEGY - we can help you expertly plan and assist the overall direction of your business operations and movements.

PARTNERSHIPS - let us assist you in forming meaningful strategic business partnerships. Our focus is on building relationships not only in Australia, but in the USA and Asia.

RAISE CAPITAL - no matter what approach is right for your business we can help get you seed funding, scaling-up, growth, and/or take care of your pre-IPO capital raise.COMMERCIALISATION - the old saying really is true: success is 1% ideas and 99% execution. That’s certainly our mantra when commercialising your business.




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