Wollongong Tech Community Banding Together to Represent Siligong Valley

Wollongong Tech Community Banding Together to Represent Siligong Valley

Posted on February 25, 2019

If you’re a lover of all things tech there’s no doubt you’ve heard of Silicon Valley...The birthplace of some of the most innovative technologies in the world, the most well-known being Apple, Google and Facebook. Well, here in Wollongong we have our very own Siligong Valley, which was founded with the intention to create an inclusive community where tech lovers collaborate, share ideas, network, socialize and can be part of a supportive team.

Why Are We Talking About Siligong Valley?

Being a Wollongong-based start-up ourselves, Siligong Valley has been a helpful platform to keep up-to-date with tech trends and feel connected to a community in the local area. In a previous blog, we talked about the value of staying in Wollongong, especially when it’s often assumed that Sydney is the place to be for a business to grow successfully. Being aware of the supportive community, Siligong, has encouraged me to pursue emerging technology with confidence that I can create meaningful change right here in Wollongong.    

One of the key things that I’ve learned over these past two years is that meaningful change doesn’t have to operate within or stem from a specific location. Great ideas exist throughout the community of Wollongong! Sometimes all you need is the boldness to carry out an idea and determination to do something a little differently in order to make impactful change.

Let’s Talk About Failure

Fear of failure is a very real emotion and has definitely weighed on my mind as the CEO and Founder of a startup. Something I will never regret, however, is trying new things and pushing boundaries both in my personal and professional life. Yes, sitting on the sidelines is comfortable but I’ve never achieved significantly meaningful things from this position. The most challenging thought for me is knowing that Devika wouldn’t exist if I hadn’t pushed myself to launch the company.

One of the reasons I love Siligong Valley so much is because of their like-minded mentality towards failure;

This is a statement we don’t often hear in the business world, yet it is experienced by many people, numerous times. I completely support Siligong’s mentality and vision to create a community which is accepting of mistakes. Often the most successful projects stem from failure and have become a success as a result of perseverance, reflection and learning from mistakes.

My Favourite Things About Siligong Valley

While there are many incredible things about the Siligong community, these would be my top three which have challenged and encouraged me the most;

  1. Sharing in Success and Failure
    Siligong enables individuals to appreciate the success of others but is also a reminder that failure is natural and sometimes essential for growth. When failure does occur, there is a community to back you. Because of the accepting culture, these experiences are openly shared which enables others to learn and benefit too.
  2. Inspirational People
    There are incredible people throughout the Wollongong region who are using their skills and expertise to create incredible and life changing solutions. Being part of this community enables us to learn from others and be inspired to push the boundaries in ways we possibly wouldn’t have before.
  3. Collaborating
    Through this community, opportunities often arise to collaborate with others and together, create impactful change. People are able to get in touch with like-minded individuals they might have never met without a community such as this!  

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