Wollongong Blood Donation

Wollongong Blood Donation

Posted on December 8, 2015

Through our blood donation, we saved 24 lives !!!

"People of all walks of life need blood products. Some need it to get them through a serious event in their lives, like cancer or a difficult pregnancy. Others have medical conditions which mean they need blood products regularly to stay alive or remain healthy." Australian Red Cross Blood Service 2018


Devika Cares

Devika is not only passionate about emerging technology but is making an active effort as a start-up to support individuals and not-for-profits in the local community through the initiative, Devika Cares. Making a blood donation is a simple act which the Devika team was happy to be involved with, doing good and feeling good in return. It's rewarding to be part of a start-up organization that has been eagerly making meaningful change from the get-go.


Facts About Blood Donations
  • AB blood is the rarest type, making up 3% of the entire population
  • Donating doesn't cost anything and you get a free snack at the end
  • Whole blood is usually separated into red blood cells, plasma, and platelets in the labs (Red Cross 2018)



Rosanne's Story

"Rosanne is in remission from leukemia thanks to just a handful of special blood donors. Her rare blood type meant less than five donors in Australia could donate red cells and platelets to help save her life. Rosanne is now a busy young woman who loves art and is studying photography."


Blood is in high demand, has the ability to save lives and is something even our small start-up can be a part of. For these reasons, donating blood has become an important part of the Devika Cares program.


Ken Kencevski at the Australian Red Cross Blood Service

Australian Red Cross Blood Service

Australian Red Cross Blood Service

Jason and Ken Kencevski at the Australian Red Cross Blood Service