Website Development for Sustainable Salons

Website Development for Sustainable Salons

Posted on October 11, 2017

Charli & Kate Hair Company opened its doors for the first time, as part of the revamp for Wollongong Central. Devika has had the pleasure of working with Charli & Kate by designing and building their e-commerce website.

Website for Charli & Kate

The Charli & Kate philosophy is simple. They aim to empower their customers by informing and assisting them to truly understand how to love their hair. Important values to the Charli & Kate brand are love, innocence, family, beauty, growth and development. These attributes are reflected clearly in the company as it is named after the owner’s 14-month-old twin girls; Charli and Kate.

At Charli & Kate, they believe that a great salon requires more than just skilled stylists. They aim to not only hire skilled professionals but focus on providing the complete salon experience. They achieve this by partaking in a practice we value highly as Devika, which is the art of listening.

Charli & Kate are eager to continue working on their professional development, which has help them maintain a competitive edge. They also see the benefit of using premium brands to ensure that guests have a high-end experience, no matter the occasion.

One attribute of Charli & Kate we highly respect is their passion for sustainability, which is a value we also share. This is evident as they are are a member of Sustainable Salons Australia and have been since their launch.

Website Development for Sustainable Salons


Sustainable Salons

Sustainable Salons Australia provide salons with customised bin installations and a regular door-to-door pickup service to collect waste. The salons can redeem points they earn through sustainable behaviour for products, tools and/or services that are also sustainable for the planet, the community, and profit margins.

Sustainable Salons Australia’s goal is to be 100% waste-free and they are close to their goal, able to collect up to 95% of a salon’s waste. Additionally, 100% of the proceeds gained from recycled salon waste is donated to charitable organisations to help local communities.


Sustainability at Devika

As stated, we resonate with the importance of sustainability. We actively address this issue by using carbon neutral servers and reduce our waste as individuals by using keep cups. Additionally we are located at the SMART Building at the University of Wollongong which is ecological and environmentally friendly. These activities may seem small and are always looking for more ways to be sustainable in our everyday practices, but also believe that every bit counts.

If you believe in supporting sustainable businesses and need a website developed, contact us. If an environmentally friendly haircut is more up your alley why not try Charli & Kate Hair Company.