Supporting Active Technology-Focused Founders

Supporting Active Technology-Focused Founders

Posted on January 30, 2018

When Devika was founded, it was with the intention of not just providing outsourced services, but to help companies in a more meaningful way. We are now excited to be introducing Devika Ventures, the official arm of Devika that is there to help and support other active technology-focused entrepreneurs. We will be offering strategic planning, increasing distribution through key partnerships, assisting in commercialization and (if needed) raising capital for startups.

We accomplish this through assisting in the commercialization of a startup (big or small) and help grow them into a successful, saleable and enduring business. Some of the current ventures include Shyft, LNTS, Monarc, and Kolb, whom we assist in a range of areas to help them develop their companies.

We provide value to our investments in four ways:

(1) Providing guidance on the direction and operations of their company.

(2) Forming meaningful strategic business partnerships, on an international scale that will provide value not just now but into the future.

(3) Help raise capital whether it be seed funding, scaling-up, growth, and/or take care of your pre-IPO capital raise.

(4) We assist in collaborative execution, by using a cliché ‘success is 1% ideas and 99% execution’ which is our way of saying we will help you commercialize your business. We do this through making sure we collaborate with key experts in any of the fields that we are working in the ensure the best results.

To achieve the best results possible we have partnered with companies such as Microsoft, Plus Eight New York, Village Digital, Microsoft BizSpark, Collective Campus and VBAR Toronto. Through working with these amazing partners we are able to provide a wide arrange of skills, resources, knowledge, and expertise to out Devika Venture partnerships.

While we have already worked with industries such as enterprise, education, government, and entertainment a key part of Devika Ventures is that we do not cater to just one type of company or to one shape or size. We want to help any business as long as they are passionate about what they do. Through doing this we hope not only help dedicated entrepreneurs but also help develop the Australian Startup Ecosystem. Ultimately one of our key goals is to see the Australian startup scene continue to develop through the addition of more and more amazing ideas and companies.

However, Devika is not just about local companies we love good ideas no matter where they are from which is why we have also been assisting startups in countries such as America and Canada to help grow and develop their product. With almost every company needing a forward thinking and agile approach in today’s marketplace especially with the technology we hope we can help as many companies as possible, in as many different companies as possible, in as many different industries as possible. We don’t believe in limits or boundaries.

If you have an amazing idea and need help executing, contact us and we hope we can help.