The Story Behind the Name, Devika

The Story Behind the Name, Devika

Posted on October 31, 2018

In order to learn about the story behind the name, Devika, one must first overcome the challenge of pronouncing it. We have heard an exceptional amount of variations when people have tried to say Devika and we have decided that the time for clarification has come. So let’s sound it out... “Dev,” sounds like the dev in web developer and “ika”  is pronounced with the same inflection as America. Put the two together and we have Devika! Now that’s out of the way, let’s dive in...


Devika, What Does it Mean?

How did we decide on a name which has such an unusual inflection? The word, Devika, roughly translates to ‘virgin’ from Macedonian, which is part of Ken’s heritage. The word, virgin, specifically relates to Ken’s decision to venture into a relatively unexplored industry. It reflects Ken’s passion to continuously push the boundaries and keep an eye out for new technological solutions, always. Ken was also inspired by Richard Branson, Founder of the Virgin Group, who was an exceptional entrepreneur and is constantly pushing the boundaries in his professional and personal life.


The Story Behind the Name, Devika; Logo

While Devika’s logo might seem pretty simple, appearing as just a few red lines, there’s actually a significant amount of meaning behind its design. No, not everything is immensely important, such as the red color (which Ken would probably argue is important, it being his favorite color). But recognizing aspects which are important provides us with a deeper insight into the world of Devika.  

The first place to point your eyes is to the four lines, positioned at the top right corner of the triangle. They resemble four foundational and changeless pillars and are the core values that Devika has been built on, integral to the business.


The story behind the name, Devika. Logo: 4 pillars

They include;

  • People; While the concept is simple, we all know that people tend to sit on the more complex end of the spectrum. In saying this, we acknowledge that working collaboratively with people who share our core values enables us to create meaningful change. 
  • Pushing the Boundaries; Whether you’re swimming with sharks, flying in a jet plane or launching your own business, we see these extraordinary choices as a catalyst for exceptional personal growth. While not every challenge is successful, having a go at something beyond the norm will always teach us more than if we were sitting on the sidelines.
  • The Planet; Whether we’re using Keep Cups, reusable straws or recycling old electronics, we aim to make changes that protect the natural environment, especially so that future generations can enjoy it too.
  • Prosperity; We need to be financially secure, not just for the company’s betterment but to ensure that we can effectively support the people and organizations we are collaborating with.   


But Wait, There's More

A second aspect of the logo, which has been purposefully designed, is the slash. In the image below, you can see that it is located in the bottom left corner of the triangle. This gap represents that we are an open organization, meaning that the internal culture of Devika has been purposefully developed, thriving through collaboration, coordination, being open-minded and a willingness to work cross-functionally. Everyone at Devika is working towards a common goal and each individual is an integral part of the organization who adds value through personal strengths. Ken fosters this culture and has made Devika all about teamwork, from which new ideas and opportunities spring.


The story behind the name, Devika. Open organization


And there you have it; the story behind the name, Devika!