Speedmaster Going Green

Speedmaster Going Green

Posted on July 9, 2014


At Speedmaster our mission is to Go Green and move to a complete Paperless Operation by the end of 2017

This initiative aims to help us to play a small role in climate change by improving our operations to reduce the negative efforts that paper consumption and the eradication of trees have on our environment.

We acknowledge that performance automotive parts are harmful to our environment; therefore we have decided to begin offsetting the negative externalizes of performance parts by introducing a paperless operation, as well as by planting more trees in association with the Plant A Tree Today (PATT) Foundation Speedmaster Cares initiative.

Some of the operational areas in which will be amended to meet our goals include:

Customer Service
> Paper instructions will no longer be provided with our products, instructions will be accessible online only.
> All Sales Quotations and Order will be emailed, and no longer faxed or printed for customers in order to reduce paper consumption.

> All marketing operations will be paperless.

Information Technology
> All IT operations will be paperless; auditing, communication, collaboration, etc.
> Energy efficient network updates; such as computers automatically shutting down after working hours.

> More effective methods of packaging products.
> All planning and design of products will be communicated and collaborated online.

> All our accounts payable and receivable invoices will be emailed to us rather than mailed by post.

Supply Chain
> Warehouse staff will be using electronic devices to perform any inventory transactions rather than printing paper.
> More efficient item routing of both inbound and outbound parcel delivery will lower fuel consumption and emissions.

Distribution Center
> Water tanks will allow us to reuse rain water which will be a primary supply of water for the facility.
> Electricity supplies will be assisted by Solar Panels