Sally Fitzgibbons; Devika Brand Ambassador for Kolb

Sally Fitzgibbons; Devika Brand Ambassador for Kolb

Posted on April 6, 2018

We're excited to have Australian surfing icon Sally Fitzgibbons on-board as a Devika brand ambassador for Kolb.

Kolb is a virtual reality (VR) application which delivers Australian curriculum content to students. The new approach utilizes experiential learning and engages students through gamification and the use of interactive, emerging technologies. The first scenario within Kolb ‘transports’ the user to Antarctica. There they can walk around, see penguins and better understand the natural landscape. This experience has officially been released and downloaded globally. We are now developing our second scenario within Kolb with the talented and passionate, Sally Fitzgibbons.

Sally is excited to be working on this innovative project to help support the education system...“Devika is a cutting-edge technology company in this area that are pushing the boundaries in their field and just like me are wanting to make a difference. I wanted to work with the best in this field not only to spread my stoke of the ocean but also to educate people on how to interact and preserve the ocean.”


Meet Sally

Originally from Gerroa (a 45-minute drive from Wollongong), Sally has been passionate about sport since childhood. Her interests included soccer, touch football and cross-country running. Her drive and determination have been evident since high school where she became a national champion middle distance runner. However, her true passion has always been surfing. She made an immediate global impact when she finished fifth in the Women’s Championship Tour 2009. She has competed in many events since and is considered to be one of the best surfers in the world.

Ken Kencevski, Devika Founder and Managing Director mentioned that one of the main reasons for the partnership is because, “Sally is a world-class athlete, an ambassador for the environment and health, and is a great role model for the youngsters.”

This is evident through the Sally Fitzgibbons Foundation which is designed to inspire kids to live active and healthy lives. The Foundation aims to combat obesity among Australian youth, as one in four children are either overweight or obese. Additionally, statistics reveal that obesity is now a bigger killer than smoking. Sally acknowledges these statistics and developed the Foundation to give kids a fair chance at a healthy future. She achieves this by providing fun, inclusive education and exercise programs for children aged 5-12.    


Sally, Devika Brand Ambassador

Sally will be representing our brand with an overarching goal to inspire and inform children Australia-wide. We are excited to be working with Sally to see what our combined passion for education will achieve.

Sally describes the new project; “It is super exciting to be working with Devika on a new Kolb experience where we will be recreating an ocean experience in a virtual reality environment for people to interact with and learn from.”

The purpose of creating this experience is to teach as many young minds as possible about water safety and the beauty of the deep blue; “My goal is to teach people ocean knowledge that could potentially save their lives and at the same time raise their awareness of how to preserve and look after this wonderful resource.”

We are excited to bring the passionate Sally together with virtual reality to create meaningful learning experiences for students;  “Kolb is at the forefront of VR education and to work with a company that is leading the way is really exciting. The way people are learning is changing and to be riding that wave with Devika and to have an impact on people and the way they feel about the ocean is very motivating.”

For more information or to download the Antarctic Experience click here.

Devika brand ambassador, Sally Fitzgibbons trying Kolb