Sally Fitzgibbons a Devika brand ambassador for KOLB

Sally Fitzgibbons a Devika brand ambassador for KOLB

Devika is super excited to have Australian surfing icon Sally Fitzgibbons on-board as a Devika brand ambassador for KOLB.

KOLB is a virtual reality (VR) application that delivering the Australian curriculum with experiential learning. This new approach is aimed at engaging students through gamification and the use of emerging technologies.

With KOLB’s Antarctica experience officially being released and downloaded around the world, it is great to be moving into the next KOLB experience with such an incredible brand, talent, and person such as Sally.

Sally is also excited to be working on this innovative project to help support the education system,

“Devika is a cutting-edge technology company in this area that are pushing the boundaries in their field and just like me are wanting to make a difference. I wanted to work with the best in this field not only to spread my stoke of the ocean but also to educate people on how to interact and preserve the ocean. “

Originally from Gerroa (a 45-minute drive from Wollongong), Sally has been a natural athlete ever since she was younger. She played soccer, touch football and cross-country running, and ended up a national champion middle distance runner in High School. She made an immediate global impact by finishing fifth in the Women’s Championship Tour in her debut season in 2009 and is still considered to be one of the best surfers in the world ever since.

Ken, Devika Founder and Managing Director mentioned that one of the main reasons for the partnership was,

“Sally is a world-class athlete, an ambassador for the environment and health, and is a great role model for the youngsters.”

We highly value the Sally Fitzgibbons Foundation as it inspires kids to live active and healthy lives.

The foundation does this by combating unhealthy eating and lifestyle habits in Australian youth. This is an important endeavor in our communities as one in four kids are already overweight or obese in Australia. With obesity being a bigger killer than smoking, the Sally Fitzgibbons Foundation aims to give as many kids as possible a fair chance at a healthy future through providing fun and inclusive education and exercise programs that resonate with children aged 5-12.

Her excellence as an athlete and a person is why we are excited to have Sally representing our brand and helping us support kids with a fresh approach to education.

Sally describes the new project in her own words,

“It is super exciting to be working with Devika on a new KOLB experience where we will be recreating an ocean experience in a virtual reality environment for people to interact with and learn from.”

The goal of this is to bring Sally’s passion for the ocean to as many young minds as possible and to teach them about how to help themselves and the water when they are out in the deep blue,

“My goal is to teach people ocean knowledge that could potentially save their lives and at the same time raise their awareness on how to preserve and look after this wonderful resource.”

It’s very exciting to see what we can produce with someone as passionate and experienced as Sally. KOLB looks to bring industry leaders and VR together to create meaningful learning experiences for students.

“KOLB is at the forefront of VR education and to work with a company that is leading the way is really exciting. The way people are learning is changing and to be riding that wave with Devika and to have an impact on people and the way they feel about the ocean is very motivating.”