Property Development Visualization in Virtual Reality

Property Development Visualization in Virtual Reality

Devika is excited to be bringing Virtual Reality (VR) experiences to North America through our Canadian collaboration partner VBAR, who are a VR Arcade & Bar on King Street Toronto, on behalf of East Room. This project was about building out the design of a floor plan, which will be used as a new co-working space. We are using VR to visualise what this building will look like, because currently a physical structure does not exist!

Building technology is all about working together and it is great to see a company like East Room facilitate collaboration through building a co-working lab designed to support forward thinking freelancers. In addition to its gorgeous, modern design it is occupied by some of the leading creatives in the local community who are passionate about technology, art, design and other related fields.

The exciting part of this project is its applicability to many future projects, as it has allowed us to understand how property development can benefit from VR. What we envision is a future where property buyers have the opportunity to walk through an apartment or home which hasn’t been built yet. This practice is beneficial for both the seller and the buyer as it provides a realistic view of what a project will look like, making it less of a guessing game.

Here is a video of one of the team members using the experience in first person view:

While this is still a relatively new practice, it is potent none the less with real estate agents, marketing specialists, and developers all able to capitalize on this technology right now. VR has the potential to create meaningful change to this industry by unlocking a pathway to increased revenue and a more dynamic and involved customer experience.

This technology is so valuable due to its ability to customise the buying process and create the ultimate user experience. For example, using VR for interior design allows you to explore the layout, lighting, furniture and accessory options with your own eyes. This 360 degree and 3D view provides both practicality and creativity to property development and is a game changer to the user experience of home buying.

With technological advances now making virtual visualization projects more affordable, it can be expected that projects such as this will increasingly become common practice. This means that large-scale benefit will increase for both the consumer and the corporate sector, as software studios are able to work with property development and interior design companies to provide a fresh new approach to the property market.

If this is something that interests you and you would like to discuss further, feel free to send us a message.