Playing our part to support Sustainable Salons

Playing our part to support Sustainable Salons

This month, the Charli & Kate Hair Company opened its door for the first time as part of the recent revamp for Wollongong Central.

Devika had the pleasure of working with Charli & Kate through designing and building their e-commerce website, which is available here.

The Charli & Kate philosophy is simple, it involves the empowerment of guests by allowing them to truly understand and love their hair. Important elements to the Charli & Kate brand are love, innocence, family, beauty, growth, and development. This is shown by the very name of their company which was named after the owner’s 14-month-old twin girls named Charli and Kate.

Charli & Kate believes that a great salon requires more than just skilled stylists. They aim to not only stock highly skilled professionals but to also focus on providing a ‘total salon experience’ which engages each guest. They also practice an art form that is implemented at Devika as well: listening.

Charli & Kate has a keen perspective on professional development, which will help them stay in front of competitors. Their use of premium brands ensure guests have a high-end experience no matter the occasion.

While it’s exciting to see a cutting-edge brand open up in Wollongong and also seeing skilled entrepreneurs launching new businesses in the region, the real reason we are thrilled to work with Charli & Kate because they share our passion for sustainability. From the day it launched Charli & Kate has been a member of Sustainable Salons Australia.

Sustainable Salons Australia provide salons with customized bin installation and a regular door-to-door pickup service to collect waste. The salons can redeem points for products, tools and/or services that are sustainable for the planet, the community, and profit margins.

Sustainable Salons Australia’s goal is to achieve 0% waste, and they currently collect up to 95% of a salon’s waste. The best part is that 100% of proceeds gained from recycling salon waste is donated to charitable organizations which help local communities.

It’s exciting to see a new store which has opened up in Wollongong embracing sustainability. It is great that this trend is developing as it is a practice we adopt in our own offices.

Devika uses carbon neutral servers and is paperless with our employees using keep cups. These things may seem small but we believe every bit counts and are always looking for more ways to help the environment (contact us if you have any suggestions).

It’s great to partner with a hair salon like Charli & Kate who care about being sustainable. A key part of Devika’s identity and operations is based upon whom we partner with. It is important that our partnerships echo shared values and ethics. This can be seen once again with the concept of sustainability and how the Smart building at UOW is ecological and sustainable.

If you are like us and believe in supporting sustainable businesses then go and explore the new and improved section of Wollongong Central, and while you're there get a haircut at Charli & Kate Hair Company.