School holiday Minecraft workshops at the Wollongong Science Centre

School holiday Minecraft workshops at the Wollongong Science Centre

Posted on July 18, 2017

Students got hands-on at the science Centre to learn about Minecraft

Devika took over the Wollongong Science Centre last week to teach students the magic of Minecraft. The two-day Education with Minecraft workshop guided students through the basics of the widely-popular sandbox game, and at the same time taught them valuable skills in technology.

Hosted by the Wollongong Science Centre and Planetarium (NSW’s only major hand-on science centre), the fully interactive workshop taught primary-aged students how to creatively solve problems and understand the mathematical concepts within the Minecraft world. Along the way student developed their skills in teamwork, creativity, design, spacial awareness, navigation and reasoning. For many the workshop was their first time learning about game design and development. By covering the basics of Minecraft and server connection first, we were able to make sure both beginners and veterans were ready for a day of Minecraft learning.

Screenshots of Minecraft creations

Work created by students at the Science Centre workshops

During the day workshop facilitator Tom walked the students through several Minecraft challenges and team exercises. Students got the chance to do everything from build a pool to tame chickens (virtually, of course).

Using Minecraft to teach tech skills is part of Devika Learning’s ‘gamification’ approach to education. Workshop facilitators use elements from games (e.g. levels, rewards, puzzles and problem-solving) to throughout the workshops to increase engagement, and consequently, learning outcomes.

Think your child would be interested in learning more about technology? We’re enrolling now for our 10-week after school workshops.