Mindfulness Virtual Reality On the Go

Mindfulness Virtual Reality On the Go

Posted on February 26, 2018

Devika is proud to be working with Chelsea Pottenger from EQ Minds and the Nylon Studio to help bring virtual reality (VR) and mindfulness together. We are excited to be working with Chelsea, an industry leader in the mindfulness sector. Our intrigue in the industry stems from our utilization of VR in experiential learning where we developed our product, Kolb. This expanded our understanding of the vast capabilities of emerging technology.


Mindfulness with Chelsea

Chelsea, Director of EQ Minds, envisions a future where business owners facilitate mindfulness within their teams. This includes improving individual’s health, happiness and productivity in the workplace and in their personal lives. A central component to achieving this is through education about mindfulness. The provision of techniques which explain how one can incorporate mindfulness in the workplace would be highly beneficial.

Chelsea describes the potential for VR to be impactful,

"I believe there is a gap in the market for meditation. When I commute to work, and I plug into my meditation apps, my visual world is still of people looking stressed on the way to work. What if it’s the same situation, you are sitting on a train, plane or bus on the way to work, and you put your VR headset on, and all of a sudden your visual cues are Bronte beach, the sound quality is so precise that it actually sounds like waves lapping at your feet, as you look around and all you can see is paradise. "

This idea that Chelsea shared sounded absolutely amazing! And since there was nothing out there like it, we thought, let's create it!


Mental Health in the Workplace

The  research that EQ Minds shared with us explains the importance of facilitating a mentally healthy workplace and highlights the potential for mindfulness:

- PWC research found that for every dollar invested in creating a mentally healthy workplace would result in a return of $2.30,

- Rath & Harter research explains that every dollar invested in an organisational wellbeing program results in a return of $5,

- Oswald, Proto and Sigori’s research found a 30% increase in the productivity levels of employees experiencing high well being. This was in comparison to those with low levels.


Nylon Studios

Our excitement for this project has only propelled as another partner, Nylon Studios, have begun to collaborate with us. They are an international music and sounds house agency who are based in New York, Sydney and Melbourne. Nylon offers a unique cross-pacific focus on outstanding original composition and sound design with a global creative perspective. Nylon has worked with major brands such as; Nike, UNICEF, Vice, Axe, Intel, Tide Super Bowl, Corona, Audi, National Geographic, United Nations and McDonald’s.

Contributing to Mindfulness

With EQ Minds providing the content, Devika providing the technical expertise, and Nylon providing the sound engineering, we aim to make a world-class product in mindfulness. The objective of doing so is to contribute a meaningful tool to the mental health space.

While the product is still its early stages, it will be travelling with Chelsea to San Francisco. While she is there, the product will be demonstrated to select audiences. We hope that our contribution will enable meaningful change to occur in regards to mental health.

According to Chelsea, we can potentially achieve,

"Accessibility for teenagers, students, professionals, aged care or anyone wanting to train their brain and assist with mental health and wellbeing. There is enough scientific evidence that meditation benefits your brain, if you want to be happier, more productive, have a greater memory and be mentally well. Skills learned here in the VR world can transfer into the real world, and imagine having a more relaxed, happier, and psychologically healthy population. That would be a dream come true."

If you would like to know more, feel free to contact us.