Kolb at EduTech Australia

Kolb at EduTech Australia

Posted on July 5, 2018

This year we attended EduTECH Australia in an effort to support the education sector as they embrace innovative technology. This includes informing and providing educators with the opportunity to understand emerging technology. Our technology includes virtual reality (VR) which we offer through our Devika Learning workshops and our product Kolb. We decided to showcase Kolb at EduTECH this year due to its educational relevance and application of emerging technology. 

EduTECH is an annual event where the education and training sector gather to learn, debate, exchange ideas and are inspired by thought leaders. It’s the only event nationwide that brings together individuals from schools (pre, primary and high), tertiary education, VET and workplace learning. Due to this specific attendance list, showcasing Kolb was an exciting opportunity to communicate with the intended users.



The first scenario within Kolb is called the Antarctica Experience and teaches users about the environment. Via the Dell Mixed Reality Visor, the experience 'transports' users to Antarctica. The phone application has been downloaded tens of thousands of times and was designed to enhance experiential learning (Kolb 1984). This is an exciting statistic for us because it indicates that our emerging technology may be contributing to student learning.


Kolb at EduTECH event

Kolb at EduTECH

We partnered with Dell for the Conference, where our goal was to encourage the implementation of experiential learning in education. Specifically, we wanted to encourage the use of virtual reality through our product, Kolb. Our presence entailed running a co-hosted booth with Dell where we presented Kolb at EduTECH.

The Australian Department of Education recently approved Kolb, resulting in our  collaboration with Dell and attendance at EduTECH. Showcasing Kolb at EduTech gave us the opportunity to communicate with a large and diverse range of educators. This was relevant to the diverse audience due to the nature of experiential learning. It is applicable to many different subject matters, students, and institutions and also yields encouraging results.

The event organizer for EduTECH was Terrapin. They are an organisation who specialise in bringing together innovators, disruptors, and change agents. By bringing participants together, they can discuss and demonstrate the technology, strategies, and personalities that are changing the way the world does business.

Their world-leading events promote innovation and technology that changes people’s lives. From solar and renewables in Africa, education technology in Australia, payments, and e-commerce in Asia, railways in the Middle East, orphan drugs in the Americas, to aviation in Europe, they make a lasting and impactful change. It has been encouraging and rewarding to see them support the education system.

EduTECH logo - Kolb at EduTECH

Without Terrapin and the passionate members of the education sector, we would struggle to support educational institutions to embrace virtual reality. We are thankful to these involved parties at EduTECH Australia. They are extremely valuable to us in the pursuit of our goal. To clarify, it is to implement experiential learning through Kolb into schools, nationwide.

If you want to learn more about Kolb, or experiential learning feel free to contact us.