Kolb Antartica Experience Product Research

Kolb Antartica Experience Product Research

With Kolb by Devika now available for download, Devika has partnered with the University of Wollongong to bring our new experiential learning software to schools across the country.

Kolb contains learning scenarios delivered in virtual reality that is based on the experiential learning module by David Kolb.

Each scenario is extracurricular and mapped to the Department of Education’s High School curriculum. Kolb’s approach utilizes the gamification of education through the use of emerging technologies.

The main objective is to further facilitate learning following the Department of Education’s curriculum. This is done through emerging technology that students are excited to use. One of the first schools to participate in the research testing for Kolb was Sherwood Hills Christian School (SHCS) in Campbelltown. Head of Primary Teaching, Suzanne Zorn, says that the students were excited to use VR to learn.

“It makes it much easier to get the kids to participate when it involves something fun like the VR, the participation and interest level of the classes is consistently high as they look forward to the active learning experience it offers.”

The first scene that Kolb offers is an Antarctic experience which allows students to put on the virtual reality headset to visualize and experience a realistic rendering of the frozen continent.

The scenario begins with a scientist introducing the topic and follows by her explaining the reasons for being there, their significance to the ecology, and what are some of the activities that will take place. She will then ask you to take a photo of a penguin for research purposes. There will be different resources given to the student staggered throughout the experience to see their intuitiveness of the setting and their grasping of the resources regarding problem-solving. This encourages an active learning environment where the student can learn from doing and be encouraged to problem solve through their own initiative.

Through this, we hope to achieve an increased knowledge of the students’ awareness and understanding of Antarctica. As well as increasing the awareness in the students towards their actions and the effects they have on the environment. It is also hoped to Increase their retention of information related to science and geography by delivering interactive content from the Department of Education curriculum.

Through enhancing students’ dispositions for learning such as curiosity, cooperation, creativity, enthusiasm, persistence, imagination, and reflexivity on the interactions with the scenario, the hope is to provide a new dimension of learning to students which adds to the learning styles that they are already provided. Suzanne Zorn discusses how beneficial this could be,

“We are really excited to receive more curriculum-based content from Devika, it provides such a helpful and effective tool for our students.”

Other schools that participated in the research have been St Joseph's High School, Figtree High School, Mount Ousley Public School, Dapto Public School and Warilla High School.

If you would like to know or download Kolb please visit kolb.edu.au