Westpac Innovation and Technology Roadshow

Westpac Innovation and Technology Roadshow

Posted on August 28, 2017

Devika attended the Westpac Innovation and Technology Roadshow  to demonstrate augmented reality software

Last week Ken, Sally and Byron from Devika attended the Westpac Innovation and Technology Roadshow to display how augmented reality software (AR) can be used within the FinTech community in Australia.

During the day-long event at the Westpac Group’s headquarters in Sydney, Devika joined other business in IT fields such as big data, business intelligence, systems integration and payment gateways to showcase how emerging technology can help grow Australia’s financial sector.

A demonstration at the Westpac Technology and Innovation roadshow

Sally and Byron demonstrating augmented reality at the Westpac Innovation and Technology roadshow

Devika ran about 40 people through the augmented reality app developed for Westpac in total. Responses were overwhelmingly positive, with many users of the AR app saying how they could see real potential for AR software across the FinTech industry.

Sally from Devika said that it was incredible to see how people reacted to using augmented reality for the first time.

"There's currently a lot of talk about what the future will look like in relation to technology and people tend to generally go with 'oh that's too far fetched'. However, when they're using the device themselves and see the simplicity of it they begin to accept and become excited," said Sally.

Devika itself sees augmented and virtual reality tech as the next major communications interfaces – in the near future we expect AR and VR will be just as important to how we communicate, work and learn as mobile apps are today. Financial institutions in India and Oman have already begun testing the waters with augmented reality applications, with applications that improve customer service proving to be popular. Other industries (such as agribusiness) are also looking into how AR technology can assist their growth.

We for one are excited to see where augmented and virtual reality take the financial sector in the future.