Importance of Equality and Diversity in Technology

Importance of Equality and Diversity in Technology

At Devika we consider equality and diversity to be a vital cause for our company and one to be addressed in the wider technology community. We believe that everyone should have access to the same educational opportunities, experiences and be able to express his or her opinion in the workplace, regardless of gender. We believe that this mindset will lead to innovation and growth for all businesses and the community. While we try to put this into practice every day at Devika, we also aim to extend our beliefs to our wider community. In doing so, it is important for companies like ours to provide young women with the opportunity to explore and learn about science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).

In regards to the numbers in diversity, 75 percent of the fastest growing jobs require STEM skills, meaning that current students need to have the opportunity to learn and access information and participate in educational events which facilitate the development of these skills. We have identified an increasing need for the women in our community to have access to educational experiences in order to encourage individuals to enter the workforce in fields they are truly passionate about. Currently, only 28 percent of the employed STEM-qualified Australian workforce is female. Specifically, 14% of females work in engineering and 25% are in the information and communications technology (ICT) careers.

These relatively unchanged statistics show that the technology industry has had a lower percentage of female employees compared to men. According to various, developed technology companies’ diversity reports, the total percentage of female employees is between 26% to 43%. These numbers are getting even lower when it comes to development roles. At Devika, we believe that for our industry and community to thrive, we need to provide an equal opportunity (to both men and women) to become educated and work in an occupational role. This includes closing the identified gender gap in STEM-related fields.

To help with this issue, we have dedicated many resources to educational opportunities to encourage diversity and young women to participate in STEM-based fields. We do this by providing learning opportunities in the local community with our Devika Learning workshops and by offering successful applicants work experience. Through these initiatives, we aim to provide advice, encouragement, and support to anyone who is interested in STEM.

One of the institutions that we are proud to partner with is the University of Wollongong (UOW) who have placed opportunities for women in STEM high on their agenda and play a part in diversity. They action change in this area through initiatives like their STEM Camp for Girls which provides participants with hands-on workshop experiences and industry visits. These opportunities include industries involved in areas such as sustainability, renewable energies, humanitarian aid biomedicine. Through this partnership, Devika Learning has been able to offer young women workshops where they have a hands-on experience and learn about technology and software, providing them with an insight to the possibilities available to them in the future.

It is great to see a respected institution such as UOW become proactively involved in addressing diversity and we are excited to work with them so that together, we can provide learning opportunities to young women in the Illawarra region.