Elise Brown a Devika Brand Ambassador

Elise Brown a Devika Brand Ambassador

Posted on February 9, 2018

We are thrilled to announce that indoor skydiver Elise Brown will join the team as a Devika brand ambassador. Elise is an indoor skydiving tunnel athlete passionate about health, lifestyle, fitness and the art of freestyle flight.

While she is not dancing in the 200km winds, she is outdoor skydiving, surfing, or practicing her yoga. She is Currently known as one of the top practitioners of her field in the country and hopefully the world after the World Cup later this year.

Elise is from Narellan in south-west Sydney and works at the indoor skydiving center iFly Down-under as an instructor and coach where she is also a sponsored athlete.

Coming from a family of skydivers flying has always been in her blood, but she has found a special niche the last few years when she started treating it seriously.

Elise describes the sport as,

“Indoor skydiving is a unique sport in that anyone from age 3 and up can try the sport. The reason why a lot of people with backgrounds in creative arts fly as much as they do is because they are able to bring skills they have learnt outside of the tunnel in other activities to flying. Flying is also a very social sport and a great way to meet others who share the same goals as yourself. One of the events that run once a month at iFLY Downunder is lady’s night. This night is all about bringing together female flyers and further developing females within the sport. For me, the main thing that has helped me get to where I am within my flying is my 7 years of yoga which was able to be translated into the wind. “

Just like Devika Elise loves what she does,

“Indoor skydiving is my prime passion especially understanding the differences in female flying styles and freestyle flying. I am passionate about achieving milestones in competitive flying in Australia and overseas as well as building my career as a tunnel instructor and coach.”

Devika is excited to be supporting Elise in this pivotal stage of her career, but it’s not because of her freakish skill inside the big glass tube. Her character and spirit well represent
What Devika is about, with her care free yet dedicated nature a good representation of all the staff in our company.

Being the technology sponsor for Elise we provide technical support for her in the form of website building, maintenance, and infrastructure as she moves forward in establishing her brand as one of the top performers in her sport.

“By partnering with Devika it allows me to explore a new medium and possibilities by working with a company and team that thinks outside the box to achieve my personal goals and continue to grow the sport of indoor skydiving. It allows me to provide and support Devika as a partner with my unique talents as an athlete and lifestyle ambassador thus allowing Devika to connect with and inspire new audiences.”

We are looking forward to cheering Elise on in the Australian National Indoor Championships in August! Feel free to check out her website.