Devika Cares partners with Officeworks and TerraCycle

Devika Cares partners with Officeworks and TerraCycle

Posted on March 9, 2015

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Thanks to Officeworks Devika can now successfully manage all of its e-waste, as well as that of their partners. Officeworks is pleased to partner with TerraCycle to offer recycling solutions for hard-to-recycle products.

In Australia, many products can be recycled through local council recycling collections. However, some items such as pens and coffee pods cannot be recycled in kerbside bins.

With partner TerraCycle, Officeworks is pleased to provide a range of Zero Waste recycling boxes. These boxes can be used to recycle a range of items, including coffee pods, pens and other office supplies.
Simply purchase a TerraCycle Zero Waste bin, fill it with the appropriate product and then drop it at an Australia Post outlet. From there, Australia Post will send the used items to TerraCycle for recycling where they'll be turned into a range of new products, such as outdoor furniture.