Converting pain into strength: Myles Kovacs at TEDxBoyleHeights 2014

Converting pain into strength: Myles Kovacs at TEDxBoyleHeights 2014

Posted on December 26, 2015


Myles Kovacs is a leading voice influencing young trendsetters through his speaking work and publication, DUB Magazine. His goal is to educate those in need with the kind of information that will point them in the right direction in business and life. He's overcome enormous odds and learned from every hardship he's endured. Now he wants to reach out to people and share his thoughts on how to become successful, how to listen to your consumer, and how you can become a catalyst for change for the betterment of your company and community.

Newsweek named Myles Kovacs one of the US's 10 Big Thinkers for Big Business in the 21st Century. He's been featured as one of Entrepreneur's Top 25 Young Millionaires and The New York Times has said that "When DUB talks, Detroit listens". Even David and Victoria Beckham had Myles and DUB Magazine design and build their personal custom vehicles when they came to the US.

With a passion for his community, Kovacs devotes considerable time to charitable organizations, such as Make-A-Wish Foundation, SEMA Cares, Child Help, Victory Junction Gang Camp, and Tony Hawk Foundation. His passion for charity work is what caught the attention of Devika's Ken Kencevski. It was the duo's shared passion for community involvement that then led to them building Maria Carey and Nick Cannon a muscle car that was later auctioned for charity.

Below; Devika Founder Ken Kencevski and DUB Founder Myles Kovac; working together on the Speedmaster Chevrolet Chevelle project car for Nick Cannon.

Myles Kovacs