Celebrating Women in AR/VR’s 3rd Birthday

Celebrating Women in AR/VR’s 3rd Birthday

Posted on September 27, 2019

Happy 3rd birthday Women in AR/VR!

If you keep up-to-date with our social media you may have heard that we celebrated WIARVR’s 3rd birthday earlier this month and mentioned that we’d share the experience with you. As promised, here are some of our highlights from the event…


Women in AR/VR

If you aren’t yet acquainted with Women in AR/VR, we’ll introduce you!

Please meet Women in AR/VR (WIARVR) - an Australian-based initiative that inspires, empowers and celebrates women in AR/VR. With the industry, “predicted to be worth $120bn by 2020,” they are at the forefront of the industry and through regular meetups and events they are equipping women with the knowledge and skills to make waves in AR and VR. With a network of like-minded people to back each other up, it’s a community you’ll want to keep an eye on.


The Inside Scope

The Devika team including Ken Kencevksi, Bek Kencevksi and Bradd Grimson headed to the WIARVI event and heard from an exceptional panel of motivated speakers, enjoyed the AR/VR showcases and celebrated their three years of success.

We even took our virtual reality experiences to the event for people to try which included our in-house built products, Kolb and Evenness.

Ken and Richard at WIARVR

Richard (left) and Ken (right) at WIARVR's 3rd Birthday


Leading the virtual reality demonstration, Bek shared;

"It's great to see how just how inclusive the emerging technology community is to women...Showcasing the different accomplishments of some amazing women within this space was inspirational for everyone and highlighted the importance for women to find ways to collaborate on exciting and different projects of interest."


A Personal Note From Devika

Trying to build traction in the tech industry can be a difficult process. Having recently turned three ourselves, we can testify that having people rally behind your business and support what you’re trying to achieve goes a long way.

Similarly to WIARVR, we envision a future where people who are passionate about VR, AR and all things technology collaborate to build solutions to real-life problems no matter their gender. WIARVR couldn’t be more supportive of this vision as we see them actively working to achieve equality and diversity in the tech industry.

Congratulations again for three years of hard work and we wish you all the best for the years to come. Three Cheers for WIARVR...Hip Hip Hooray!

WIARVR's Birthday Cake


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