Bungalow OOSH Daycare

Bungalow OOSH Daycare

Posted on February 3, 2018

Devika is proud to be partnering with Bungalow OOSH, a local daycare center in the Illawarra area, in order to help launch their organization into the online world where they, “Aspire to create an environment where children can feel at home, where children feel happy, respected, nurtured and most of all they can have fun.” This collaboration has included the development of a website by Devika and involvement in Devika Learning workshops!  

The Website by Devika

Bungalow OOSH has a new website, developed by Devika, which includes; information about the organization, staff credentials, a gallery, updated programs, testimonials, and other administrative details. Their vision behind the design was to create an easily accessible website which provides transparency to customers. We love their aspiration to promote, “Self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-worth,” and passion to meet the needs of each child.

Devika Learning with Bungalow OOSH

The second aspect of our collaboration involved learning! Education has always been a priority at Devika which made it especially exciting to partner with Bungalow OOSH. Our passion is particularly evident in the Devika Learning program where we aim to equip students with emerging technological skills and transform content consumers into content creators. Through Devika Learning, we ran a series of workshops with Bungalow OOSH where we brought our hardware and Minecraft-based learning modules to a packed room of kids. We were able to assist children as they developed their technical skills in a fun and interactive environment.  

We have thoroughly enjoyed partnering with Bungalow OOSH and have been encouraged by their boldness to try something different. We're excited to see more businesses adopt emerging technology to create meaningful solutions.  If you’re willing to adopt emerging technology, for your business or educational facility, hit the provided links.