The background on our Ventures

The background on our Ventures

Since the inception of Devika, we have supported technology-focused companies and founders. With Devika’s growth, this support has evolved into its own arm known as Devika Ventures.

Ken Kencevski, Devika Founder and Managing Director, has a passion for technology and how it complements emerging businesses. This passion is shared with our Devika Venture’s Co-founder Alexander Bechelli who has extensive experience in venture capital, commercialization and forming strategic partnerships was previously a Director of a large Australian based Venture Capital Firm.

Although having different backgrounds, Ken and Alex share a deep interest in commercializing startups created by passionate entrepreneurs in order to grow them into successful, scalable and enduring businesses. With a long history together both professionally and personally, Ken and Alex share the same goals, values, and vision as they look to build on the substantial growth and momentum at Devika.

Alex has a wealth of experience in deal-making, extensive international network throughout USA and Asia, and a passion for investing in projects that create a positive impact. We are very excited for him to be working with Ken to impact technology-focused companies in meaningful ways. This will include applying Devika Ventures investment philosophy of focusing on US growth opportunities and helping North American based companies scale into Australian and Asian markets.

This commitment started with a focus on local start-ups and has grown to include companies within entertainment, hospitality, healthcare, transport, finance, and education. Devika Ventures has been able to work with companies from all around the world including countries such as Australia, America, Canada, Singapore, and Malaysia. Alex has since coordinated partnership with exciting companies such as HOP HERTZ, Eato, ClevaQ, Monarc, and Shyft, to mention a few.

The interest of technology is not limited only to web and mobile applications. After having built an Augmented Reality application for Westpac, with the Microsoft Hololnes, on what the future of banking will be like with holograms, Devika Ventures is excited to support the growth of both Virtual and Augmented Reality. They also supported the Xperience Accelerator in association with Collective Campus and Village Road Show on an accelerator program aimed at AR and VR to support and provide entrepreneurs/startups with the tools to help them succeed. Devika Ventures is also fostering the commercialization of an internal product called Kolb, which is Virtual Reality application aimed at delivering the Australian curriculum with experiential learning.

Now based in Los Angeles California, Devika Ventures’ global footprint will continue to grow as Devika looks to bring new exciting companies into the Australian market as well as helping Australian entrepreneurs take their product overseas. Alex’s network has also brought US Growth-Tech deals to Devika Ventures such as SpaceX, Hyperloop, and Memphis meats allowing Australian and Asian investors to participate in USA private opportunities.

From the beginning, Devika acquired shares in multiple startups that we were previously involved in so we could provide a comprehensive technical perspective. We had the objective of improving both the startup’s individual ecosystem and the potential of the companies. Alex came onboard to ensure that these components continue as part of Devika Ventures expansion.

Devika Ventures is always open to hearing about great projects and ideas to invest in if they fit the right profile. If you believe that this could be you please contact