2000 Books Arrive at Chisuma Library with ABZ

2000 Books Arrive at Chisuma Library with ABZ

Posted on November 22, 2019

In September we announced our partnership with Aussie Books for Zim. On the 26th of October 2019, the Chisuma Library officially opened with over 2000 books for the community to enjoy.

Our Sales Development Manager Bradd Grimson flew to Zimbabwe to see the launch of the library and celebrated with the community.

Bradd shared,

“Seeing first hand what sort of difference something as simple as books can make to this community makes me appreciate what we have and sometimes take for granted...The trip has been life-changing.”


Before and After

ABZ’s CEO and founder Alfred shared that some communities in rural Zimbabwe have a library of 5 books. With this refurbishment, this building has become a learning space where children and adults in the community can get lost in a good book.


Before Bradd headed to Zimbabwe, the Devika team brought in their favourite reads which were signed and packed, ready for flight. It was a special moment to see the Devika team’s favourite reads find a new home in the Chisuma library.

These are a few special moments captured by the ABZ team of the Chisuma Library launch:


The official launch of the Chisuma Library captured by Tadiwa

Why was a Tech Company Involved with ABZ?

This project is part of Devika Cares, an initiative that was founded by Ken to give back to the community and use what we have to support important social issues such as education.

Devika is also passionate about supporting the next generation which we address through our Devika Learning program.

Whether you live in Australia or miles away, education matters. This is why we have provided financial support and worked alongside ABZ to launch the library.

If you would like to be part of Devika Cares, click here.