Assisting Teachers with Technology


We are not educators, but rather we are technology facilitators. Our role is to assist teachers such as yourself, as you implement and use emerging technology within the classroom. To achieve this, we realise that firstly we need to equip you with the skills, expertise and confidence so that you are able to transfer knowledge to your students. Our professional development workshops have been created to build the relevant skill sets of primary and secondary school teachers.

Workshop Overview

We provide customized professional training by offering workshops to you which cater for your individual needs and level of experience. We use hands-on activities paired with focused content to create a supportive environment which inspires creativity, problem solving, human centred design and collaboration whilst using emerging technology.

Transferable Skills

Through this engaging, interactive and innovative approach, our training is designed to diversify your capabilities, skill set and spark new creativity and productivity. While the implementation of innovation can be daunting, we will support your leap into this new area of education.

The careers of students today are unlikely to be limited to one industry. Combine this with the rapid expansion of technology, and it’s harder than ever before to predict and prepare for jobs in 5, 10, or 20 years time. This is why Devika Learning feels it’s important to focus on skills that are transferable, timeless, and relevant to our increasingly tech-based world.


Together we can provide your students with innovative content they need to be prepared for the future.

Our workshops are all-in-one: we provide the content, facilitators, and marketing material to create an engaging and hands-on learning experience. In addition, we support our communities by raising awareness of the steps local schools can take to incorporate tech more thoroughly into lesson plans.

Devika’s relationships with some of the world's best technology companies allow us to share the most tech-solutions with students. Our programs provide supplementary learning based on the curriculum. Students have their existing classroom skills reinforced in a manner that nurtures their future career prospects.

The next step

While our company is still in its first few years of existence, we have a reputation for creating successful solutions for you and your peers in the education sector. Education institutes we have partnered with have flourished alongside their use of our emerging technology. This has added value to the studnet's experience, the school’s internal functionality and the continual growth of both.


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