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Assisting Small to Medium Businesses


One of the barriers to growth that small businesses face worldwide is limited access to certain tools and resources that are so readily available to larger companies.

We know that small to medium enterprise (SMEs) are critical in driving economic growth through innovation and market expansion.

The next generation of technology at work is advancing and it is vital for us to keep up to ensure longevity within the marketplace. We now build software for some of the largest companies in the world, however few people know that we actually started by building landing pages for small businesses.


  • De-risking Emerging Technology
  • New IT Assessment and Framework
  • Proof of Concept / Early MVP
  • Roadmaps (e.g. Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence)
  • Blueprint and User Narratives
  • Technology/Vendor Selection
  • Analysis and Design
  • Solution Architecture
  • Solution Options

Adding Value

We are a bridge between these two worlds as we encourage innovation through the use of emerging technology but also have professional experience and expertise. This allows us to confidently achieve business goals by implementing useable technology which we understand in depth. We offer services developed by experts which we deliver through a process of firstly understanding formal business needs and then meeting these needs through informal development practices. We aspire to reduce hesitancy towards innovation by facilitating the integration of emerging technology into businesses.


We are able to achieve this through our internal transformative strategy which focuses on innovation, proper execution and seamless handover of our technology. We work towards creating valuable services with our emerging technology through strategy alignment, problem statement solutions and industry relevance. We believe that this is becoming increasingly relevant as technology continues to evolve on an exponential scale, having implications for all businesses. Our services aim to help you harness this growth by combining strategic goals with emerging technology.

The next step

While our company is still in its first few years of existence, we have a reputation for creating successful solutions for businesses in the corporate sector. Businesses we have partnered with have flourished alongside their use of our emerging technology. This has added value to the customer experience, the company’s internal functionality and the business’s continual growth.

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