Project Management

Planning and Design.

Once you have filled out the planning document, one of our team specialists will meet with you to discuss your vision, corporate profile, market position, message, target market, objectives, deadline, and budget.

We’ll consider several design concepts by way of mind mapping, storyboarding, and layout creation before regrouping and presenting the most viable solutions. With your input, we’ll then narrow down for further development and refinement

Development and Testing.

With the concept approved you can leave it to us for further design, development, refinement, and implementation of all deliverables. During the development phase our internal team test out the user activities defined in the planning milestone to make sure there are no bugs.

Go Live.

With your final approval, we’ll prepare the build for launch. With all checks now complete, all parties have signed off and all deliverables are finalized we are ready to publish it for the world to see.

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