Supporting your Child with Technology


Young people are often able to use technology intuitively. But simply being able to use technology is no longer enough - we need kids be able to create with technology as well. Devika Learning transforms students from content consumers to content creators through interactive maker spaces and the facilitation of workshops on integrated science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics (iSTEAM).

We are continuously learning and implementing tech-based initiatives, and we’re passionate about sharing this knowledge and experience with students.

Workshop Overview

Our workshops are designed to cover current iSTEAM job skills, which are expected to be in high-demand in coming years. We pay close attention to changes in technology and prospectus technologies and shape our workshops to accommodate. Devika Learning is primarily extracurricular, however, we also build on the Department of Education Curriculum and assist in expanding the foundational skills students learn at school.

Want to know more? We can provide you with extra info detailing the workshops and how they apply to the curriculum and extracurricular activities.

Transferable Skills

The careers of students today are unlikely to be limited to one industry. Combine this with the rapid expansion of technology, and it’s harder than ever before to predict and prepare for jobs in 5, 10, or 20 years time. This is why Devika Learning feels it’s important to focus on skills that are transferable, timeless, and relevant to our increasingly tech-based world.

WWC Approved

All our facilitators are Working With Children Approved! It involves a national criminal history check and a review of findings of workplace misconduct.

Devika’s relationships with some of the world's best technology companies allow us to share the most tech-solutions with students. Our programs provide supplementary learning based on the curriculum. Students have their existing classroom skills reinforced in a manner that nurtures their future career prospects.

The next step

We’re open to collaboration. Currently, we offer a 10-week program that runs within school terms, and we can host them either at your child’s school (after school hours) or from our premises located in the University of Wollongong SMART Building. Our facilitator to student ratio is 1:15, and each external workshop requires a minimum of eight students to run.

The Devika Learning team can also provide services such as:
- Student motivational presentations/talks
- Parent information nights
- Trial workshops for students
- Scholarship programs
- School Hackathons

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