A New Reality: VR Moves into Business Arena

A New Reality: VR Moves into Business Arena

Posted on August 13, 2018

Only in the last few years has virtual reality (VR) become prevalent. While this technology is relatively new to the world, it has the potential to create meaningful change across a multitude of sectors. While many people have heard of VR, many don’t fully understand its capabilities in the business arena. This is why we are passionate to increase the level of awareness and education surrounding emerging technology.


VR was initially seen as publicity projects, they were then embraced in the gaming industry and are now moving into a new stage of adoption. This is evident through the higher interest and usage rates in the business world. Industries utilizing this technology range from finance and property development to film production.  

The opportunity to implement, utilize and benefit from VR is attainable nationwide from a technological perspective.  The key to actionable progress is through the provision of insightful information, expert experience and a foundational understanding of the technology. This can enable decision-makers to effectively integrate new technology into their business world.     

Computerworld VR Webinars

We value and respect the work that Computerworld Australia, Microsoft and Dell EMC have done as they acknowledge the importance of sharing knowledge. This has been particularly evident through the joint development of their webinar; A new reality: VR moves into the business arena.

The guest speakers were a select panel of experienced, emerging technology professionals. These individuals were using VR to better their business and benefit customers. They included our very own Devika Founder; Ken Kencevski as well as Snobal Co-founder; Ann Nolan, Rook Virtual Estates CEO; Laurence Dirk, Dell Brand Manager; Rainer Noack and Stirling Labs Managing Director; Robert Spencer.     

Throughout the webinar, each individual detailed their experience of VR in business. These insights encouraged listeners to consider and better understand;  

  • How VR is changing business. This was achieved by examining a range of case studies which the thought leaders had been involved in. Listeners were able to understand how the implementation of VR led to successful innovation,
  • What a leadership role entails in a company which is innovating through emerging technology,      
  • How to reorient the internal team of an organisation during its digital transformation.   

Addressing the uncertainty which exists around VR has been greatly appreciated. We are thankful to Computerworld Australia, Microsoft and Dell EMC who through a collaborative effort, developed the webinar. Interested individuals now have access to foundational knowledge about VR in the business world. As more businesses embrace emerging technology, we are excited to assist these companies through the practical development of their ideas.

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