Stop and Smell the Roses; Better the Environment and Health

Stop and Smell the Roses; Better the Environment and Health

Posted on October 22, 2018

Is it just me or has ‘being busy’ become the new normal…? It is no longer a season of life which we enter into and push through to reach the other side but rather, it’s a constant and inescapable state of existence. One might even go so far as to say that this description of being busy has become part of our identity...We are no longer just people who occasionally become busy but we are busy people, who are living busy lives with too much to do and not enough time to achieve it all. Maybe you’ve found a great balance between work and rest and if you have, please tell us your secret! For those who haven’t, I want to re-explore rest and the benefit of doing so in nature.


Benefits of Being in Nature

A recent study has been conducted, with an aim in mind; To better understand how the environment impacts our well-being, health, and happiness. It was run through a campaign called, 30 Days Wild, where participants were encouraged to, ‘do something wild every day’. I’ll save you the specific statistics but the key takeaway is that being in nature is good for us!

Whether you’re swimming with sharks, planting a tree or visiting Uluru where you are able to notice greenery around you, these exhilarating, relaxing and momentary experiences are all contributing to a better headspace for you. Perhaps the greatest barrier which is stopping us from having experiences regularly is finding the time to do so. I love the thrill of outdoor adventure and it is something I have strived to maintain while launching Devika. This means that I have to leave work at work so that I can enjoy a morning bike-ride across Sea Cliff Bridge. There, I can see the ocean, taste the salty air, feel the chill of the morning breeze and let my mind go...


Devika and Nature

To be able to spend time in nature, however, there must be an existing natural environment. I won’t go into the politics of the current state of the environment but will make the claim that our actions have an impact on the environment, whether that be directly or indirectly. We might use something as simple as a plastic straw to enjoy an orange juice when out for brunch but the reality of this is that it can get caught in turtles nostrils. The same goes for plastic bags which we use for our shopping but too often become choking hazards for fish.

Perhaps a crime that we’re all guilty of is seeing a piece of rubbish on the sidewalk and walking past without picking it up. Sometimes we pretend that we haven’t seen it, we convince ourselves that it’s not our responsibility because it wasn’t our piece of rubbish and that it’s someone else’s problem.      

While it’s not always easy to admit, I have definitely been part of these unsustainable practices but am still hopeful that with education and greater awareness, that we will learn how to be environmentally friendly as individuals but also as a business.   


Where to From Here?

At Devika, one of our core values is the planet which includes doing what we can as a company to protect the environment. We want to sustain our beautiful environment, not just for our benefit but for future generations. While we know that using KeepCups, recycling electronics and having carbon neutral servers (all of which we do) is a great start, we’re eager to learn what more can be done at Devika to protect the environment. By making these little changes, when we do take a break from our busy lives to be in nature, we will be able to truly appreciate its wonder.     

If you have any ideas to share, we’d love to hear them!