Fascination with the Sky

Fascination with the Sky

Posted on March 8, 2015

I have always been fascinated with the sky and growing up in Wollongong I was lucky enough to have open, blue skies that faded into the beautiful blue ocean.

Being an adventurous spirit, I have always appreciated being able to look up and experience an inexpressible feeling of freedom as my ability to imagine whatever I wanted became unlimited. This appreciation of the blue above expanded into an interest and reverence for the people that mastered the skies; the original pioneers of flight. From men like the Wright Brothers and Howard Hughes to pioneers of space such as Richard Branson and Elon Musk, these figures will remain visionaries whose ideas are upward both figuratively and literally.

Their legacy encompasses an ability to see things at a different angle with boldness, passion, and purpose. This dedication to progress and desire to go beyond what was believed to be possible inspired me and influenced what I wanted to create when I founded Devika.

Despite my admiration for these pioneers, I wasn’t content just hearing about these stories. I wanted to immerse myself in the experience to better understand their experience. Anyone that knows me well also knows that I’m never content sitting on the sidelines (in any capacity) so it probably wasn’t a surprise when I told my friends and family that I had decided to fly a plane myself. With the help of a stunt pilot, I was able to learn how to fly an airplane... upside down... as I performed a barrel roll. People will tell you that it's harder than it looks. And I can confirm that. It was a daunting experience that challenged me physically but also enabled me to grow mentally.  

While this was exhilarating, the biggest challenge was feeling the true G-force of that plane when the pilot took over. It was amazing to see the power and control he had over the plane, especially compared to myself who was struggling to stay conscious. This was a humbling lesson as it allowed me to appreciate someone else’s skill, hard work, and achievements.

Whether you’re sitting behind a desk or our out in the world, I believe that the best way to continue growing as a person is by pushing your boundaries. This can happen in a variety of ways such as through team management, project development, changing routines, challenging assumptions, or by doing a barrel roll in a jet.

These were life lessons that I didn’t expect to learn when I pushed my boundaries but are some of the most important lessons that I have learned.