1001 frustrating nights: how trying to find tech solutions online inspired Devika Learning

1001 frustrating nights: how trying to find tech solutions online inspired Devika Learning

Posted on September 25, 2017

Ever been frustrated with a line of code, been unable to configure software or not known how to use a new gadget? Yeah, me too.

I spent more nights than I can count tinkering with new technology as a teenager, frustratingly hunched over some new device and trying (often vainly) to make it work.

Thankfully I’m a little bit better with tech now but that doesn’t mean there aren’t still times when a particularly new or unusual piece of software or hardware gets the better of me. Many times I’ve wished there was someone with all the answers, someone I could call, or somewhere I could’ve gone for help and support.

I founded Devika Learning, so that kids, teens, and students can make use of the diverse range of skills at Devika, and so that they can learn and grow more confident with tech. Through the Devika Learning workshops and our Slack channel we create a supportive and exciting environment for school students to learn and get answers about emerging tech.

At the moment if kids become stuck while learning about tech they might turn to public online channels like YouTube or Google. However, trying to find the right answers this way is basically trial and error. This approach can be really difficult for students just getting interested in technology, so much so that they may even give up. I know how that feels, so Devika Learning is deliberately designed to reduce the issue.

People often ask me why it’s important for us to give back in this way. I think the saying “if you want to go fast go alone if you want to go far go as a team” sums it up perfectly. When I founded Devika I wanted it to reflect my principles and values. Giving back to the community is a key part of who I am and the culture of the company that I’m building with my team. When I started Devika I wanted to make something I was proud of – Devika Learning is a big part of that.

It was only after launching Devika Learning that I had a realization, another reason why our workshops are so important. After becoming more familiar with the education sector I noticed gaps in the teaching of technology and the lack of support schools have. Therefore, Devika Learning has begun to work with schools to help facilitate their current schooling – we want to help it evolve so that students receive as much support as possible when it comes to tech education. Given the expected growth in STEM careers, I think it’s absolutely vital we encourage young Australians to be tech-savvy.

I’m not one for sitting on my hands and neither is my team at Devika. We’re rolling up our sleeves, booting up our computers and working with others to help fast track the tech-education movement.