Augmented Reality Will Reinvent How We Experience Art

Augmented Reality Will Reinvent How We Experience Art

Posted on October 20, 2019

When I think about how many times I look at my phone a day, there’s no doubt that this technology has become embedded in my everyday life...And possibly this is the same for you.

While texting, snapping, tweeting and all the rest are part of our current digital experience, integrating augmented reality into the mobile phone could be a game-changer, particularly for the art industry.


How Does AR in ART Work?

While behind the scenes, creating AR art involves software development and engineering, for the user all that’s required is to point a phone at a wall and an experience will emerge.

Augmented Reality in Art

The most common experiences of art are in galleries, exhibitions, workshops and other formal gatherings, however, AR creates a multitude of new platforms and mediums of expression. By adding a digital element to an artist’s design, artwork can become a dynamic experience that integrates the virtual and real world.

Street art could become a 3D, interactive experience such as seeing a landscape pop out of the frame.


Changing Art in Everyday Life

AR will not only change the way we experience art but the way we purchase art.

With AR, images can be downloaded onto your phone and then held up against a wall to be projected onto the space. In doing so you can get a feel for what the room will look like before you’ve even touched your wallet.


AR Art in Education

This technology also has the potential to create immersive learning experiences in the classroom. Pictures in books could be transformed with movement and words transfigured into immersive encounters to create memorable experiences that support long term memory retention.

If you have a vision of bringing art to life through AR, we can help you to build out this experience as the software developers working behind you. Contact us here.