Entertainment Industry Goes Virtual with VR Arcade

Entertainment Industry Goes Virtual with VR Arcade

Posted on October 3, 2018

Have you had the exciting opportunity to try on a virtual reality (VR) headset and slip away to an entirely other place? If you haven’t, get ready because the experience may be coming to you soon. More organizations are beginning to adopt VR in an effort to enhance their customer’s experience. Adopters of this technology, who we have personally supported, range from the health to the property development industry. Our latest collaboration lies somewhere in between these extremes and may have you wishing that you lived in Toronto, Canada...It’s VBAR, an entertainment venue who are launching a VR arcade and bar!


VBAR VR Arcade and Bar 

Their vision is to create a space where friends can hang out, have fun and experience something beyond the norm. When the VR arcade opens, you will have access to:

  • Over 25 VR booths,
  • 35 games which are updated monthly,
  • A fully serviced bar and
  • Collaborative spaces.  

How is Devika Involved?

Our role in this partnership is to develop custom content so that customers have access to fun and exciting experiences. This might include being able to travel back in time, across the globe, to a fantastical world...Maybe even to a galaxy far far away...

It’s exciting to think that a VR arcade could be the next big project that will revolutionize the entertainment industry, just like the first-ever films did. We’re excited to be part of an initiative that is combining a traditional arcade with VR to create a new space where friends can hang out, let their inner kid come out, get a little competitive and have a break from their busy lives.  


VBAR and Devika

This isn’t the beginning of the VBAR and Devika relationship but rather, is an extension from our previous project with East Room. This project involved designing and developing a VR floor plan for a new co-working space. VR enabled the layout and design to be perfected without having to adjust anything in real-life. For example, while knocking down a wall in real-life takes money, time and resources, adjustments in VR take mere minutes, if not seconds. Similarly, instead of going to the shops to buy furniture (that you hope will fit in and compliment your office) VR enables you to import and export as much furniture as you’d like. That's right, no heavy lifting is required. And yes, VR has great potential to change the property development/design industry, which we can see becoming a reality in the near future.     

We’re excited to see more organizations begin to use VR and can’t wait to see more projects within the entertainment industry come to Australia. If this idea has caught your attention, we’re happy to chat here.