Devika Cares; Supporting FearLess (PTSD Sufferers)

Devika Cares; Supporting FearLess (PTSD Sufferers)

Posted on June 6, 2017

Post-traumatic stress disorder ( PTSD) affects approximately 1 million Australians (FearLess, 2018). If we consider the individual's family, around, “3-5 million Australians [are] currently affected by PTSD” (FearLess, 2018). There are an array of symptoms and causes for PTSD and despite the current treatment available, the condition remains a distressing and isolating force for many. One organization fighting back against PTSD is FearLess Outreach - a non-profit. We have been proud to work alongside Fearless through our initiative Devika Cares and redevelop their website.

FearLess’ vision is to;

"Create a coordinated network of outreach and support services to help those with lived experience of PTSD and their families regain control over their daily lives”.


Triggers for PTSD can be an outcome of various events. These events cause a person to fear for their (or another's) life or safety. Individuals experiencing combat roles, accidents, assaults and natural disasters are more vulnerable to PTSD. The illness can be debilitating and prevent the individual from conducting daily activities. However, there are treatments available which include counseling, therapy, medication and other support systems. FearLess works tirelessly to make professional diagnosis and treatment of PTSD available. They achieve this through their network of support services as well as their partners, sponsors, and community.

Activate Events supporting Fearless with the Mt Keira Challenge Fund Raiser

Devika Cares

At Devika, we have developed a program called Devika Cares. This initiative ensures that we have resources and time to contribute to meaningful businesses in our community. As FearLess has an important role in improving community well-being, we wanted to help. This was achieved through the subsidized cost of the website through Devika Cares. While we aren’t psychologists or doctors, we did contribute to FearLess through our involvement in their digital transformation.

FearLess’ vision is to restore control to the lives of people with PTSD - that’s a cause we can all get behind. Working with FearLess provided us with the opportunity to use our knowledge and skills to contribute to this cause. Through our involvement, we hope that FearLess has invested less in administrative costs. Subsequently, savings could be redistributed to directly support individuals and families who are affected by PTSD.

The new website has resulted in higher search engine optimization (SEO), navigation, readability, accessibility, and findability. Through this development, individuals and families who need support can find, use and access information and treatment easily online.

If we can support your organization, please feel free to touch base.