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Kolb Antartica Experience Product Research

With Kolb by Devika now available for download, Devika has partnered with the University of Wollongong to bring our new experiential learning software to schools across the country. Kolb contains learning scenarios delivered in virtual reality that is based on the experiential learning module by David Kolb. Each scenario is extracurricular and mapped to the…
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Sally Fitzgibbons a Devika brand ambassador for KOLB

Devika is super excited to have Australian surfing icon Sally Fitzgibbons on-board as a Devika brand ambassador for KOLB. KOLB is a virtual reality (VR) application that delivering the Australian curriculum with experiential learning. This new approach is aimed at engaging students through gamification and the use of emerging technologies. With KOLB’s Antarctica experience officially…
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Using VR to deliver Experiential Learning

When Devika was founded the mission was to create a modern business that not only harnessed emerging technology but also gave back to the community. An important way of doing this is through education. After contributing to the education sector through Devika Learning, we have realized that particular areas need support such as the teaching…
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