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How Mixed Reality Will Impact Some Key Industries

When Virtual Reality (VR) first started to emerge in the marketplace many people thought that it was the next evolution for video games, but it’s more than that. Many different industries have been and will be affected by VR. Some of these industries include: Education: Mixed Reality helps support the flipped classroom method, which emphasizes…
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How to convert 360 degree images into a skybox

Image: Anthony Quintano Using a Gear 360 camera and a plugin makes skybox creation a breeze At Devika we’re currently working on a virtual reality application that will teach meditation and mindfulness. The project is a collaboration between us and the Nan Tien Temple and Institute, and involves actual footage of the temple complex taken…
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How to take high quality screenshots inside Unity

Creating high quality screenshots within Unity is easier than you think Having great looking screenshots are a must for a successful press kit. But taking high quality screenshots from within the Unity Editor can at times be tricky and tedious. You can't get true fullscreen screenshots in play mode from the game view, and it's…
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