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The Absence of Fear is not Courage

I think one of the deadliest career killers is being comfortable. That is why I push myself and the team to be uncomfortable (at least some of the time). Breaking comfort zones and pushing boundaries is integral to our workplace culture. Of course, I try and lead by example. A few years ago, I found…
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My first business in Year 10

My love for electric cars is historic and dates back sometime before my avid interest in Tesla began. Even when I was a teenager I preferred the electric battery operated remote control cars to petrol-fuelled ones. In fact, this passion is what led me to my first start-up when I was fifteen years old. It…
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Virtual reality: my first impression

An encounter with iRacing got me thinking about VR’s potential I first came across virtual reality back in 2015. While traveling the United States I came across the iRacing simulator for the Oculus Rift. Being a keen motor sports fan I of course had to try it! The iRacing simulator is used by world class…
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