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Sorry Sydney, we’re staying in Wollongong

There’s a lot to gain by staying in smaller cities Wollongong: a perfect blend of mountains, sea and city. I’m a Wollongong local and I founded Devika right on the sands of North Wollongong beach. It’s a large regional centre yet it pales in comparison to Sydney, just 70 km north. So naturally I’m always…
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Not a fad: why I see a future for virtual reality

An encounter with iRacing got me thinking about the potential of VR I first came across virtual reality back in 2015. While traveling the United States I came across the iRacing simulator for the Oculus Rift. Being a keen motor sports fan I of course had to try it! The iRacing simulator is used by…
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How Donald Trump inspired me to be more meaningful

An encounter with a Trump book actually led me to being a better person Eight years ago I read Donald Trump’s book Think Big and Kick Ass in Business and in Life  while on a flight to Los Angeles. Barely out of my teens and in the thick of university I found myself looking for…
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